The Bold Lion Opens Its First Brick and Mortar Store

One of the leading online market place for customized T-shirt printing, The Bold Lion Label proudly announces its first offline store in Memphis. The company’s entry into offline segment is sure boost its future prospects and at the same time for the artists who sell their designs through them.

A platform where an array of creative artists and designers sell their innovations to be printed on the apparels, The Bold Lion has successfully opens its doors with its new company location in Memphis, TN. Now, you can order customized T-shirts in bulk by simply visiting the store.

Customized T-Shirt Store in Memphis, TN

For all those looking for unique T-shirt designs for various occasions like team events, corporate launches, picnics, family outings and more can walk into the newly opened store and select the desired designs by range of creative designers. Offline store helps in selecting the fabric too and ensure the best of quality as per your choice.

What makes them Unique?

Custom TShirts Memphis TN

The technology used by The Bold Lion team sets them apart from the rest of their competitors. They use a variety of methods to ensure high quality printing designs.  They not only use screen printing and vinyl printing but other state of the art techniques too. Some of the exclusive technologies used by them are direct to garment printing, cutting and laser engraving of leather and other materials. At the same time the embroidery which has been loved by all for years has also not been away in their deigning techniques for T-shirts.

The artists from various areas submit their creativity on this platform. They are approved by the in-house creative designer team and then only they are offered to customers online. Now these selective and exclusive designs will also be available offline on their new store in Memphis. The artists are paid commissions on the T-shirt orders with their designs printed. This makes the designers stay with this company for long. So, anyone who is looking for repeated orders or designs by a particular designer can choose to order hassle-free.

So, wait no more and drop in at their new Custom T-Shirt Shop in Memphis, for the first time inviting shopaholics who still love offline shopping. Here is the address for you:

The Bold Lion Label
6063 Mt. Moriah Extended Suite 15
Memphis, TN 38115

How to Select the Right Screen Printing Company

So, are you in need of custom screen printing on T-shirts for your team, business or company? How to start with is one primary question in mind? Well, the crucial step is electing the best out of the number of best screen printing companies in Memphis. Screen Printing is offered by a wide range of printers, however, there are certain factors that make the best ones different. To make sure you get unique as well as best quality screen printing on your T-shirts, we’ve listed down a few things to keep in mind:

Full-fledged T-Shirt Printers

silk screen printing machine

Try to find a T-shirt printing company that takes control of everything in-house. They should have the set up for the whole process right from the designing of the print, choosing the right fabric to the final printing of stock in bulk. This will not only lead to the best quality at every step, since you have trusted them, but also lead to an easy follow-up and delivery of the final product.

Efficient Resource

custom screen printing on T-Shirts

Look for a company which is efficient. By efficiency we do not mean just delivering the right products on time but also the assistance involved. Since the reputed screen printing companies are in business for long, they should be able to suggest the artwork best suitable for your type of event. They can also help you with best choice of fabric and let you know the pitfalls if any for your choice of colour, fabric or artwork.

Positive Feedback

This is one is essential point to keep in mind while selecting the right screen printing company. Look for someone who has a great track record and has gathered positive feedback over the recent months. Either ask for the earlier served clients or search for a company who has already worked with a known of yours.

These are some of the factors that can help you pick the right company for screen printing in Memphis. Apart from this, the best costing with great quality should obviously be there in mind.

Jazz Up Yourself in This Summer with Latest Customized T-Shirts

With scorching heat turning our days difficult, there is none who doesn’t yearn for comfortable and gentle outfits. Working professionals and students today prefer to shop online due to time constraint. Cool t-shirt designs online often attract the youth to shop online since it saves their time and energy. One can get fresh t shirt designs and get their choice delivered at their doorstep.

fresh t shirts designs

You have a wide range of options for summer season when it comes to fabric selection. Some of the best and comfortable fabrics for this season are cotton, rayon, Linen, fresco and chambray. Tshirts in these fabrics are light and comfy and therefore perfect to become your summer favourites.

The Bold Lion – One Stop Destination for Customized T shirts

Custom TShirts Memphis TN

One of the leading online portals that brings best range of cool designs for t-shirts is The Bold Lion Label. This is one such company that brings fresh t-shirts design like none other since it has dedicated designers and artists submitting their creations to be printed on tshirts. This gives a unique tangent to how you wear customized tshirts.

All Purpose Cool t-shirt designs online 

fresh t shirts designs

Well, if you are one of the party organizers or a corporate event organizer, The Bold Lion can be your first choice for customized t shirts. Crisp cotton t shirts with jazzy prints by expert designers will not only add a style for the party goers but at the same time extend a nice impression of your event. Ordering customized tshirts online in bulk is quick and easy with The Bold Lion. You just need to select a design as per the theme of your event and order as per your team size.

You can also order single or lesser number of pieces if you are planning to gift these summer cool tshirts to someone.


Become an Image Contributor and Earn with The Bold Lion

With huge variety of designs available, The Bold Lion has already made up in the top charts of the Customized T-shirts Online. A huge catalogue to book T-shirts in bulk for your party or corporate events is available at this cool T-shirt company. At the same time you can also become one of the coolest online image contributors and design your own t-shirt.

design your own t-shirt

Designers Have a Chance to Earn

Earn with The Bold Lion

If you carry a designer wand with you, The Bold Lion gives you an opportunity to earn with your pieces created. The company has a unique earning module that allows artists whether an average doodler or a designer by profession, to submit your designs and earn.

The images created by you are sent to their stock and every time a T-shirt is printed with your image on it, you earn some really decent bucks. Isn’t that great!

How To Get Compensated

There is no competitive based earning on The Bold Lion. There is no winner and there is no loser. Everyone who sells gets compensated. You get paid daily if you designs are sold daily. Atleast 10% of the gross amount if paid to the online image contributors. You just need to make sure you submit the coolest of your designs and you can start earning.

How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Getting started is no rocket science. Simply Sign Up as a Contributor with your email address and a valid Paypal account.

Upload images once you login as a contributor. Uploading your files is simple but you must keep a few things in mind:

  • All images should have your copyright to ensure that they have been created by you.
  • Keep all images should be high quality and not blurry or messy.
  • JPEG files is preferred the most, although we do support other file types too.
  • In case the images have a visible person, prior consent is required before the submission of image.

All the image contributions for t-shirts are moderated by their Graphic Design team. Once approved, you can track your earnings. Each image will have a tab that mentions amount earned. This gets updated every time your image is booked for printing.

So go ahead and be an online image contributor today with The Bold Lion Label.

Order Custom T-Shirts Online – Quick & Easy with The Bold Lion

With wide range of clothing options available online, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to short-listing the perfect outfit. All of us want to stand out from the crowd. One of the major concerns when it comes to online shopping for clothes is that the prints and patterns are quite common. Within no time of their launch, you find them spread out everywhere.

A great solution has stepped into online market recently. Custom T-shirts is the new talk of the town especially amongst the fashionistas who want to look unique and set a style statement of their own. You’ll find best custom T-shirts online that can have the print of your choice without any prolonged efforts.

You can browse through a variety of Custom T-shirts in Memphis, TN and world- wide. One such Custom T-shirts provider is The Bold Lion which brings freshest of designs for you and give opportunity to contribute your own designs also.

How The Bold Lion is Unique

Ordering Custom T-shirts online is easy with Bold Lion. Select the colour & design of your choice. We have community for online image contributors. You can pick from either from simple doodles to impress your peer group or pick from variety of professional artist works.

custom tshirts online

Ordering Custom T-shirts Online is easy with The Bold Lion even when you have bulk orders. These can be for corporate team, family reunions, small businesses, sporting events, general events, parties or may be for cause.

The fabric offered online is of high quality and is comfortable. The ink used to print the T-shirts is thin to make sure that it doesn’t make the fabric heavy.

Custom TShirts Memphis TN

So, turn heads next time with custom T-shirts to have a unique style statement of your own. Order online, sit back & relax while the custom T-shirts reach at your doorstep. We take online order for custom T-shirts for Memphis TN and for worldwide too.

Branding Yourself with The Bold Lion


Branding ones self as a company or as an individual is absolutely essential in today’s digital and social media driven age. Companies have done branding forever and it’s nothing new to them. It allows them to stand apart from the rest of their competitors and gives them their own identity.

As the use of the internet has grown, there has arisen YouTube stars, Instagram models and social media dominant individuals. So every individual needs branding, you have to stand out from the rest! So the question is; how does one brand him or herself?


Yes you do! And here’s why. To answer this question, lets look at why and how a company brands themselves. A company brands themselves in many different ways.


One of the first and mot important way a company brands itself is by its name. The name of a company reveals what they do, their character and pretty much what they stand for by their name. An individual in this social media age needs a great and catchy name as well.


Choosing a brand logo is extremely important. Not only is the art of great importance, but the color selection as well. When customers see a company’s logo, it should communicate what the company is about at a glance. The individual also needs this as well. When your logo is seen, it must be immediately associated with the individuals brand.


Once a great name and logo with its correct color scheme has been created, the next order of business is marketing the brand and staying engaged in a consistent manner in the community. Staying engaged in the community includes social media updates, sponsoring community events and providing a good product for a company.

For the individual, they must stay engaged with their audience by posting frequently, having unique content and keeping things entertaining.


Its not only companies that have to market themselves in this day an age, one has to market themselves as an individual. So how exactly is this done?

If you think about it, you’ve already made it happen. When you wear a certain hairstyle, certain item of clothing, a brand of shoe. You are basically marketing yourself to the world. Hey world! This is me! This is what i’m about.


How can one take a brand to the next level and you’re not a company that has a healthy marketing budget? And also, why should I market myself more than the basic style of clothes, shoes or hair that I wear?

These days with the rise of YouTube and social media, one has to take their brand to the next level. Any time you update a post, upload a video or a comment appears with your name, you want to have that certain pop or flair so you can have more viewers, followers or subscribers. Which could yield to high earnings

The Bold Lion Label is a company that helps big companies or individuals brand themselves in this digital age through:

  • Logo Creation
  • screen printing your logo onto clothing for sales
  • decal creation
  • creating hot graphic apparel for any need (certain posts, personal style, expression)
  • creating banners for marketing

All of the bullet points listed here are guaranteed to make you a more unique individual. This will make your real and virtual worlds absolutely more eye catching which will gain you more of a following which means sales of merchandise.



We Are The Bold Lion Label


The Bold Lion label simply put is a custom graphic apparel company that gets its designs from its community of online image contributors. we also have 3 in house designers as well.


We are interested in diversity, anyone can contribute to The Bold Lion website. The only designs/images we do not accept are those that violate copyright laws.


Image contribution for custom graphic apparel

Of course they do. The website tracks the sales of products with images contributed and automatically allocates 10% of the gross sale of products to the contributors profile. This can be tracked on a daily basis.


We have about 5 ways we do printing which are Direct to garment printing, screen printing, vinyl transfer printing, Laser jet transfer printing and inkjet heat transfer printing.


Absolutely. Just hit the sign up button, fill out the form and you’re ready to submit images to contribute. Which by the way earns you money on a daily basis.

The more images you have on the site, the more people can see your work and the more likely they are to buy.

Know more about Online Custom T-Shirts and Custom Apparel Printing Company – The Bold Lion

Black History Month


The Bold Lion Label proudly celebrates and gives respect to Black History month. Black history month is not only history for people of African decent, its all inclusive. Black history month is American history. People of African decent have contributed so much to this country that we here at The Bold Lion Label we are willing to make our contributions to show appreciation. Our contributions are going to come in the form of images, arts and designs for prints on different types of apparel.


Yes, it must be on clothing and apparel for two main and good reasons.

1.     This is The Bold Lion Label and customized prints is what we do. We no nothing else but to churn out sizzling hot designs for apparel. We always put our flavor into designs which make them pop and become bold

2.      When a person wears an article of clothing, its an intimate thing to that individual. Whatever graphic that is on their piece of apparel sends forth that energy about them. So making designs for Black History Month is our little slice of the pie of what we can do


You can definitely expect our usual top tier designs, educational blogs throughout the month and also follow us on YouTube to gain access to our perspective on things by video.

And on behalf of The Bold Lion and its staff, we want to wish you all a happy Black History month. Because Black history Month is American History Month.

Screen Printing


First off, screen printing is one of the techniques we use here at The Bold Lion Label to print images on to fabric of any sort. Basically what screen printing is all about is pushing ink through usually a silk screen mesh fabric to make a design on fabric.


We all know that a mesh silk screen is fabric and is porous and will allow ink to be pushed through. To block ink from printing on undesirable places, the silk mesh is  mesh is usually coated with a photo emulsion which is a type of hardener when exposed to light. When a silk mesh is coated with an emulsion, its usually impenetrable to inks.


This is where the magic sorta happens. Remember the emulsion on the silk screen is photo sensitive and hardens when exposed to light as mentioned above. A silk screen printer must then have areas of the emulsified screen unexposed to light to get an image burned onto the screen. The way this is done of course is by blocking light from entering parts of a freshly coated emulsified screen.

To block areas of an emulsified screen, a silk screen printer usually prints a blackened image on to a transparent paper then places it on the emulsified screen. Light is unable to travel through the blackened areas of the print, leaving these ares of the screen unhardened to light. When this occurs, the screen printer can wash out the unhardened areas, thus creating an image on to the screen (a stencil at this point).


This is the easy and fun part of silk screen printing. You get to see your image idea or work materialize onto fabric which is expressive and personal to people.

Custom Screen Printing

Once the image is burned onto a stencil, you line up the image to where you want it on the piece of apparel you’re printing on, then push int through it. The areas with the hardened emulsion will have no ink push through but the areas with the exposed mesh will. This is silk screen printing.


Here at The Bold Lion Label, we use silk screen printing as one of the ways we provide customized apparel prints to our customers. The silk screen method is good for customers with  a large quantity of t shirts, 1-6 colors in the design and also for bulk orders.



This specific blog post is for all you artists and image contributors to contribute your arts and images, here on The Bold Lion Label website. We are depending on you the contributor to bring diversity to our apparel designs because this is our mission in life. We want art and images from all over the world so this can be your one stop shop for all apparel prints.


Oh my God no! There are several benefits that come with being an image contributor at The Bold Lion Label. Here are just a few.

  1. You gain global recognition from the art that you contribute. This website is globally renown so you will definitely have your name out there, to many people, in many different countries. And Don’t you think it would & feel good to know you have someone across the globe wearing something you designed?
  2. You will gain global links when you contribute your images here at The Bold Lion Label. You just never know who’s watching and admiring your work out here on the internet space. Since we make your information visible here at the Bold Lion Label, you can be contacted for work from people that are fans of yours and that are willing to pay.
  3. You can build your portfolio here at The Bold Lion Label. The more images and designs that you contribute and sell, you can really build up your portfolio and your resume. This will prove to clients and/or employers that you have what it takes to deliver great work.
  4. You get paid each and every time a product is bought with your image on it. You get 10% or more of the gross amount of the sale, and your statistics and ranking goes up. This money can add up really fast which is always a great thing.