Become an Image Contributor and Earn with The Bold Lion

With huge variety of designs available, The Bold Lion has already made up in the top charts of the Customized T-shirts Online. A huge catalogue to book T-shirts in bulk for your party or corporate events is available at this cool T-shirt company. At the same time you can also become one of the coolest online image contributors and design your own t-shirt.

design your own t-shirt

Designers Have a Chance to Earn

Earn with The Bold Lion

If you carry a designer wand with you, The Bold Lion gives you an opportunity to earn with your pieces created. The company has a unique earning module that allows artists whether an average doodler or a designer by profession, to submit your designs and earn.

The images created by you are sent to their stock and every time a T-shirt is printed with your image on it, you earn some really decent bucks. Isn’t that great!

How To Get Compensated

There is no competitive based earning on The Bold Lion. There is no winner and there is no loser. Everyone who sells gets compensated. You get paid daily if you designs are sold daily. Atleast 10% of the gross amount if paid to the online image contributors. You just need to make sure you submit the coolest of your designs and you can start earning.

How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Getting started is no rocket science. Simply Sign Up as a Contributor with your email address and a valid Paypal account.

Upload images once you login as a contributor. Uploading your files is simple but you must keep a few things in mind:

  • All images should have your copyright to ensure that they have been created by you.
  • Keep all images should be high quality and not blurry or messy.
  • JPEG files is preferred the most, although we do support other file types too.
  • In case the images have a visible person, prior consent is required before the submission of image.

All the image contributions for t-shirts are moderated by their Graphic Design team. Once approved, you can track your earnings. Each image will have a tab that mentions amount earned. This gets updated every time your image is booked for printing.

So go ahead and be an online image contributor today with The Bold Lion Label.

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